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The An Vien Charitable Trust

Funding Needy Children's Education Costs & Assistance With Improving Village Infrastructure

Hope Through Education For Vietnam’s An Vien Village…

Education Brings Hope For Vietnam’s An Vien Village…

The village of An Vien is an impoverished coastal farming community in eastern Vietnam that rests off the typical tourist route.
Often overlooked by international aid organizations in favour of larger urban centres, its people are warm, friendly and wonderfully optimistic despite overwhelming adversity and a lack of the most basic amenities.

Officially launched in 2006, the An Vien Charitable Trust in Guernsey came to life after our founder had a powerful, life-changing experience while touring Vietnam in 2003. Once in the village, he was taken aback by the appalling living conditions; in particular the lack of access to quality education and how it perpetuated a cycle of poverty and despair for the locals.

We Need Your Help

Access to quality education has been proven the most effective long-term solution to lifting communities out of destitution, which is why we need your help to provide the villagers of An Vien with a fighting

Through targeted operations involving everything from widespread educational campaigns to basic farming and medical assistance, we ensure that your donations are put to the most effective use possible.

Learn more about us or view our list of achievements to see how we’ve already helped the people of An Vien Village.