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The An Vien Charitable Trust

Funding Needy Children's Education Costs & Assistance With Improving Village Infrastructure

A Future For
Every Child…

For Every Child's Future in An Vien…

The An Vien Charitable Trust is a Guernsey-based aid organization focused on providing educational sponsorship and general assistance for needy residents of Vietnam’s coastal village of An Vien.

As a registered Guernsey charity, we oversee a passionate group of volunteers(both local and Vietnam-based) who avidly donate their time and tangible resources with the objective of lifting children out of despair through educational initiatives, social programs, medical aid and more.

Of all organizations providing aid to Vietnam worldwide, we are the only one to focus our resources solely on An Vien, ensuring that 100% of aid provided is accounted for and fairly distributed amongst the village population as needed.

Our Goals

• To assist in the educational sponsorship of the village children
• To provide teaching aids and other required equipment to the village teachers
• To help finance various building projects which improve living environments and the villagers’ general well being
• To aid the local community in finding industries that will allow the village to become more self-sufficient
• To assist the villagers through times of hardship such as crop failures or natural disasters
• To prioritize and distribute available funding to those villagers who need it most

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