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The An Vien Charitable Trust

Funding Needy Children's Education Costs & Assistance With Improving Village Infrastructure

How We’ve Helped An Vien Village So Far…

The An Vien Charitable Trust in Guernsey is proud of its existing achievements, both education-oriented and otherwise. Though there’s still much, much more to be done, we’ve successfully carried out hundreds of individual projects since 2006 through the kindness and generosity of our donors. Here are just a few of them:

• Provided individual educational sponsorship for 29 village children
• Given one-off grants to 3 severely handicapped children to help significantly improve their quality of life
• Given a one-off grant to a villager who was badly injured in a fall, enabling him to continue providing for his young child
• Funded reconstructive surgery for a villager whose face was disfigured in an accident
• Purchased furniture for each of the classrooms in the village school (more still needed)
• Funded 53 of the village’s poorest families to buy new rice seed following a major drought in 2004
• Funded a completely new, fully resurfaced playground for the village school
• Funded a loudspeaker system for the village school
• Funded the drilling of 137 additional water wells with individual hand pumps for each family

In addition to these accomplishments, we’re constantly funding new educational initiatives and devising solutions for untapped target areas that require our help. To learn more about our current projects, please visit our online newsletter.